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MDG-M Characteristic unit change issue

Nov 14, 2017 at 06:06 PM


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Hi Techies,

I am facing the following issue in MDG-M

Issue: I have put the unit inch for my selected characteristic values in first time. So as per READ_CHAR method ATFLV - characteristic value is capturing correctly. And in my code I have used the FM QSS0_FLTP_TO_CHAR_CONVERSION to convert the value into decimal properly as same as user input.

But once I am changing this unit INCH to MM (Millimeter) as READ_CHAR method and IO_CHANGE captures the ATFLV value with inch conversion value.

Example : on UI, Input ATFLV =12 Unit = inch (previously)

Now, Input ATFLV = 12, Unit = MM but system calculating in this way like 12 MM = 0.4712 INCH.

And as per Read_CHAR & IO_CHANGE ATFLV= 0000000004.712 + E is capturing.

Can Anyone could say the reason and solution.

Please find the screen shots for reference.



atwae-2.png (32.2 kB)
atwae-1.png (168.8 kB)
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Kumar Sen Nov 16, 2017 at 05:01 AM

Hi Team,

It has been solved now. Actually in CUNI T-Code, the units are maintained and only one unit can be assigned in CT04 during characteristic creation. For an example, Characteristic 1 created in CT04 and unit assigned for it as "Inch". So once we are going to assign this characteristic into Class through Cl01 then only one unit of this characteristic will be added. So if any user is putting unit other than "Inch", then user input value is going to be converted into input UNIT, which has been input by user on UI screen in background, that would be stored under AUSP table. But in MM03 will be shown as same value with user input unit.
Example: user input value for characterist 1 : 12 unit = MM (but default unit setup in CT04 is InCH).

on MM03 will be shown as 12.000 MM but in AUSP-ATFLV = 4.73218756E + 1 (this info will be get from also in MM03).

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