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Former Member
Jan 29, 2008 at 11:05 AM

Disabled Add Button on Visual Adminitrator


Hello there,

I'm following this steps to add J2EE_admin user into the administartor users

1. Start the Visual Administrator.

2. Go to Server -> Services -> Security


3. Choose the ?Security Roles? tab.

4. Choose component ?SAP-J2EEEngine?.

5. Choose the ?administrators? role and

choose the ?Add? under Users.

6. Specify ?J2EE_ADMIN? and hit

Search. Choose ?J2EE_ADMIN? and

hit OK.

7. Make sure the ?J2EE_ADMIN? user

exists under Users.

8. Choose KeyStoreViewCreator and

make sure the user ?J2EE_ADMIN?

is added to that role as well.

The problem is that whem I get to step 5, the add button is disabled

Any ideas ?