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Have I been cheated by the training institute?

Dear All Respected and Experienced Mentors,

My humble request to please help and guide me as I am totally scared and lost.

I had enrolled for SAP Success Factors course for 2.5 mths from an institute located in Dwarka, New Delhi, India. At time of initial demo, the trainer claimed to teach me both hcm and sf focusing more on sf as I wanted to inquire about that only.

Now 1.5 mths have been passed, I am still yet to study payroll and time management modules in hcm, trainer has not started sf. He is claiming that for SF, I would need to purchase cloud server monthly rental charges from SAP and we would not be able to make changes to employee data or other info as the server is live. He is stating that he will give an overview of SF and how it correlates with hcm, how hcm features will reflect in sf. So he is convincing me to focus on hcm.

Although, he has charged me course fees and the receipt I have obtained is for studying Success Factors as HCM fees was less. I have been charged for SF.

Request your humble guidance to direct me what to do. Is the trainer still correct? Please help me out ASAP.

Thanks and Regards,

Akash Sharma

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2 Answers

  • Nov 14, 2017 at 01:25 PM

    Personally, I think you are being ripped off. A red flag is anyone claiming to teach you SAP HCM and SF as that is far too much to be possible in a course.

    For SF training, you could simply do all of that through the Learning Hub (and their new bundle) and with the bundle you would get access to a "live" SF sandbox to follow along and do the HANDS ON exercises.

    Also I am skeptical of ANY course that claims "we can teach you SAP HCM!"....because HCM is so "big" and involves so many areas of specialty. Unless it is some "overview" course and from there you pick an area(s) to go into more (like payroll), I can not see the value.

    How long is this course? Sounds like a possible "bait and switch" you pay for one thing (bait) but are actually given another (switch).....and likely this course to get you in to then have you pay for further courses.

    At the very least, I would be asking a LOT of questions and having it all in writing (emails and such).

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    • Former Member

      Thank you so much sir for your kind response. The course is for 3 mths, he has taught in hcm - creating company code, personal administration, organizational management, enterprise structure, remaining two yet to be taught time management and payroll(Indian and US) which he said would end by November.

      Other institutes that I had inquired initially were providing SF and HCM as separate courses.

      Please guide what can be course of action, is there any way that I can inform SAP Legal India about this, should I discuss with my trainer regarding the issue or should I continue to only learn hcm and obtain the certification or should I register a complaint with the Education Council in New Delhi?

      I am worried as I had left my full time job as a HR Professional with a reputed bank to pursue my career with SAP SF.

      Please guide me further.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Akash Sharma

  • Nov 20, 2017 at 07:13 AM

    Hi Akash,

    As per my understanding,

    SAP HCM and SAP SF both have different concept (both are integrated with each other or they work independent also,), and you can learn SAP SF without HCM.

    SAP HCM have sub-module such as :- OM, PA, TM, Payroll (depends upon county base), PMS etc

    SAP SF have different sub-module such as: EC, LMS, PMS, Time Management, Employee central payroll (depends upon county base).

    For training purpose use

    For more specific raise your question.

    Have a nice day!

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    • Former Member

      Sir thank you so much for taking interest in my post. I had recently visited the opensap course videos but they teach basic things(same college level material) and focus less on SF real time tools, mostly bookish language.

      Kindly suggest best course of action that I should take with the concerned training institution that is teaching me HCM but has collected fees from me for SF course with receipt.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Akash Sharma