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Nov 14, 2017 at 01:50 AM

New user Request does not provision after enabling Risk approval workflow



Initially I had set up the workflow to provision new users to a backend system, and if the role does not have an approver and the manager approved it would auto-provision.

I also was able to provision users with roles with approvals.

My next step was to activate the SAP_GRAC_RISK_APPR workflow so that if a role had an risk that it would go through the Risk approval workflow.

I started again with my test of provisioning a new user to a role that has not SOD's and no approvers but now my workflow does not provision.

The request status says "In Progress" on the manager Stage with a status of "Decision pending" even though I have approved as the manager.

I see in the audit path that it shows that it was approved by the "Manager" but then nothing happens after that:

There are not errors in the SGL1 logs, everything is green.

RFC connections test successfully.

I also checked GRACREQPROVLOG and there are no logs being generated for that request number (24867)


manager-stage.jpg (49.5 kB)
audit-log.jpg (35.9 kB)