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Wrong Periodic Currency Conversion after Upgrade to BW 750

Nov 13, 2017 at 10:16 PM


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Hi folks,

we upgraded from BP 730 BPC SP18 to BW 750 SP08

Running BPC Consolidation application.

We are using a Periodic Model (don't ask why, I fought against it, but finally I lost).

Before Upgrade following Rule worked as designed:

After Upgrade, Rule 13/14 does not work properly, it does not include the Periodic increase and does also not calculate Value*[END].

LC is in this Case EUR and rate MTD = 1.000

There was no change to Time Dimension.

Does anyone had this issue before?

And ddo you have any Idea how to solve this?



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2 Answers

Vadim Kalinin Nov 14, 2017 at 07:20 AM

Full info about currency conversion settings have to be provided. Or try to reproduce your issue in the copy of ENVIRONMENTSHELL.

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Former Member Nov 15, 2017 at 09:52 AM

Hi Vadim,

what do you mean with full info?

This particular function is not calculating correctly after upgrade (before upgrae it worked since 2013).

I can and will provide more information, please let me know what you need?



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Each setting directly or indirectly related to currency conversion setup has to be analyzed including detailed dimension info (members, properties), rule setup, scripts used etc...

"This particular function is not calculating correctly after upgrade (before upgrae it worked since 2013)." - and what?


P.S. It's better to narrow down the issue to some simple test case that can be reproduced.

I have no issues with currency conversion on 750 SP06

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Hi Vadim,

here is the testcase:

We have 64 Mio in Sep and 73 Mio in October.

Following rules apply:

as for my understanding, Movement 182 is correct according to the rule.

183 should calculate

64 Mio (EUR) + ((73 [Oct, LC] - 64 [Sep,LC]) * RATE)

which results in

64 + 9 = 73

But since upgrade it is not calculating according to the mentioned method, but does not add the previous month value to the calculation.

Consequently the calculated Value is not correct.

Do you understand the problem, do you see any misunderstanding from my side?

--> We are using Periodic Currency conversion also for other rate types, it does not show the same effect.

unbenannt.jpg (41.5 kB)
unbenannt.jpg (32.1 kB)

Sorry, but providing rules screenshot without headers looks like a joke :(

And no info about dimension members!

Explain the following:

We have account XXX with RATETYPE ZZZ and ACCTYPE YYY

We use this rule: full screenshot

We have the value for the flow:... with LC ???

We have the following rates in rates model (report screenshot)

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Hi Vadim,

the Shown Account has got the ratetype BAL_AVG, this is the only Account having this ratetype.

The full set of rules is as follows:

The only relevant part is DL_MOVYTD (which includes Movement 165)

The Values in LC are in Col C (for SEP) and Col E (for OCT).

The rate is in this Case 1, as we are talking about a EUR Entity.

unbenannt.jpg (150.7 kB)

"the Shown Account has got the ratetype BAL_AVG, this is the only Account having this ratetype."

Which account you are talking about? What is the ACCTYPE of this account?

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Account 0003201000 - Currency Year Net Income

It's a Balance Account, ACCTYPE = AST


OK, let me summarize a test case:

Periodic model


Destination Account A2 ACCTYPE: AST RATETYPE: CLO (????)

FLOW: F1 and F2

RPTCURRENCY: LC and EUR (and LC=EUR for the ENTITY used)



Source Data:

A1 F1 2017.09 Actual DE 80.0

A1 F1 2017.10 Actual DE 100.0



Source Flow: F1

Destination Account: A2

Destination Flow: F2

Formula: [CLO]*-1

Force Closing: Y

Periodic Calc: Y

Rate model:

CLO EUR 2017.09 Actual Global 1

CLO EUR 2017.10 Actual Global 1


TID_RA = 2017.10

Is it correct?


And the result of test case in RSA1:

Balance line - result of Force Closing: Y

curconv.png (50.1 kB)
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You need to convert 2017.09 first and 2017.10 second.

It is correct that A2 has a different RATETYPE.

Could you convert 2017.09 and than 2017.10 and post results?


Same result:

Periodic value is saved in A2 F2 (Periodic Calc: Y)

2017.09 -80

2017.10 -20

Test yourself in the ENVIRONMENTSHELL copy!

curconv1.png (58.9 kB)
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Hi Vadim,

according to your screenshot, the Logic for periodic currency conversion changed from BPC 10.0 to 10.1

for an account with acctype AST the result in 2017.10 should be added to 80 which mean according to the "old" logic, the result should be 100.

if the data remain on the same account, the result is calculated correctly, if the fx difference is shown on another account, the calculation is different (and as for my understanding wrong).

I will set up a ticket for this.

Thanks for investigations!

I understood that you did hear anything about a note or notification from SAP about this.

Best regards



In order to open a ticket you have to show the same sample on BPC 10.0 (using my simple scenario with ENVIRONMENTSHELL copy - I added the model based on Planning model with FLOW dimension added). I don't have BPC 10 to test. Please test yourself.