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Jan 29, 2008 at 05:51 AM

Configuring WM


Hi SAP Gurus,

We are in to a buisness spread all across the country, and there are 10 manufacturing plants at different locations, and 4 regional distribution centers(plants in MM) at North, south, East and West locations,

also having 150 branch offices (sales offices) spread all over the country,

Here the RDC Plants stock the mtrls received from different plants in to 4 storage locations each,

we want to implement Warehouse management probably at the four Regional distribution center plants

can we club 2 or more storage locations of different plants to form one ware house system,

ie.. 3 storage locations say RM01, SF01, FG01, of plant A,

and 3 storage locations say RM01, SF01, FG01,of plant B

can be clubbed to form a single WMS.

if so how can we have the accountability of stock grouped from different storage locations of different plants,

how is the process like goods issue have a relation with the mtrl stock received from base plants

Pls throw some light on WM for this Buisness process

Thanks and regards