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How can you tell if an FI Document will settle?

Nov 13, 2017 at 04:49 PM


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I am trying to create a BW Query/Report that will list all costs in FI which are supposed to settle, but have not yet settled.

So there are two questions:

  1. How do the SAP settlement programs find costs that should settle?
  2. Hoe does this program know which costs have already been settled?

P.S. We are using the Classic GL.

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Hi Paul - what is the business reason behind this query? We just run a variant/layout of transaction CJ30 to provide this information. Why recreate it in BEx?

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Because we are trying to find every unsettled cost for every type of order (Sales Order, Project, Service Order, Production Order, etc) in mass.

Also because we are trying to identify which documents we should exclude from our BEx income statement (if they are supposed to settle, then those docs should be excluded, vs the WIP/COGs docs that are created during RA/Settlement).

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1 Answer

Eli Klovski
Nov 14, 2017 at 12:36 PM


I believe, there is a misunderstanding in the settlement concept. You don't settle a FI document, but a cost object, e.g. internal order. The balances are settled following the relevant rule and internal CO document is created. When there is no balances, then there is nothing to settle.



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Hi Eli,

I completely understand what you mean, but I guess I was looking at it differently.

Yes settlement rules are applied to Orders (projects/sales orders/service/production/etc) and those are the objects that you settle - however the amounts that are settled are from related FI documents. What I'm struggling to understand is how the system knows which amounts have been settled, vs those that have not been settled...

Suppose you have a project that has a 1 year duration and it is collecting costs continuously. Now you settle the project a couple of times every month in order to keep WIP & COGS key figures current. The system must have a way of keeping track of which costs have already been settled vs which costs have not. I expect this because you can reverse a settlement and it won't reverse the whole project amount, and likewise, it knows which amounts to process.

Another thing I am trying to accomplish here is a perfect balance of the income statement vs the balance sheet. When I take all of our GL accounts in BW we get a balance of 0, which means it's technically correct. However, at any moment in time, there might be unsettled amounts (which are therefore missing from either WIP or COGS). I'm trying to figure out how to identify this situation in order to alert the FI team that they have unsettled amounts (and their corresponding orders) and need to investigate why.

Further more, costs that should be settled can theoretically be filtered out of the income statement because the settlement process is creating new FI docs for WIP/COGS. There is also an offset to these new documents to keep the balance - but I'm struggling to know which documents are which...


The system looks at the outstanding balance on the object and creates a settlement document for this amount. I.e. you cannot distinguish what FI documents were settled in this or that settlement, as you can even decide on partial settlement.