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Jan 28, 2008 at 06:17 PM

Programing standards Checklist Automation



in our project, we have a checklist to follow regarding programing standards, like a read should always be followed by binary search (after sorting of course), nested loops should be avoided, etc. (mostly it contains the tips from SE30 screens)

so, a programmer is supposed to follow that checklist, and the senior person is supposed to review if he has actually followed the rules. (not syntaxes, the things in checklist)...

but many a times due to deadlines programmers ignore the guidelines (and fill incorrect checklist), as seniors are busy with their own work, they trust programmer / ignore mistakes / themselves miss the defects in program. (not the syntax errors, guidelines)

as a result, program goes to production with the defects. the program runs fine in developments as there is very less data in development and testing, but there are performance issues in production.

so, i m thinking of writing a code to check if the standards are followed.. so, this code needs to check the program beyond syntaxes.. can you guide me on how i should write the code?

the things i have thought so far:-

1. Try to find any inbuilt SAP functions i can use for the same purpose..

(but i havent find any yet, if you could suggest some.....)

2. consider current program as a file (or save it as a local file ) and apply the conditions in checklist considering it as a text file..

(it is going to be a tedious job as i will have to deal with all string handling)

please guide me and provide any source code if already available!