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Jan 28, 2008 at 11:31 AM

sending IDOC from ERP to xMII


Hi Experts,

I am configuring a scenario where I am sending an IDOC from ERP to xMII. I have configured a IDOC Listener in xMII 12.0 and when I post a IDOC I can see it has reached xMII Message Monitor. I have created a rule and associated it with a transaction and the transaction also gets exectued when the IDOC reaches xMII.

But I am unable to read the IDOC data in my transaction. What should be sequence of steps(actions) in the transaction to read the IDOC data and say write it as a xml file?

Also I want to do the same exercise with a RFC call from ERP ->xMII. Again here I can listen to the call using a IDOC listener (I can see the call has reached Message Monitor) but how do I process (read) the parameters in xMII?

Thanks in advance