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Customer Hierarchy

Nov 14, 2017 at 09:16 AM


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Dear Gurus,

i have an issue related to Cutomer Hierarchy.

I have 5 level hierarchy associated with a customer.

But in configuration when I see I can only see one partner function can be assign to a hierarchy type.

Lets say i have a 5 level hierarchy including 1. Region, 2. Zone, 3. Territory, 4. City and 5.Town

every level will be open as a customer and assign to the main customer master, how these 5 level will be assign to hierarchy type A.

Please guide.

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Veselina Peykova
Nov 14, 2017 at 10:11 AM

Did you press F1 on the field for partner function in OVH1 and read the text?

This is the initial partner function that you specify there (the most granular level).

Go through the rest of the nodes for customer hierarchy configuration, read the IMG help and check how the standard config is done for 1A-1D for sales order header.

Once you understand the configuration for a 4-level hierarchy, 5-level hierarchy is not that complicated.

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Dear Veselina Peykova,

thanks for your response.

I have read the help, but really not understand the issue. as said above i have a 5 level hierarchy how I should associated 5 level with a single customer, as in one hierarchy type i can assign only one partner function.

I have no issue to read the document help, main path is not clear to me.

Hope you will assist me in this regard. thanks.


There is a customizing node named "Set Partner Determination for Hierarchy Categories", it is just below the config that you mentioned - "Define Hierarchy types".

Choose from the popup "Set Up Partner Determination for Sales Document Header" and go through the sub items on the left. If I am not wrong, the standard procedure for OR is TA, look at how it is set up (pay special attention to the origin field). Then of particular interest to you will be the "Partner functions" area, look at how 1A-1D is configured. Press F1 on each field. The most important fields in your case are higher-level partner function and customer hierarchy type. Of course, you should not forget account group assignment to partner functions, but this is valid not just for hierarchies and is not directly related to your question.

hierarchy.jpg (125.3 kB)

Understand the process as per configuration. regards,

Imran Khan Nov 14, 2017 at 12:56 PM

Dear Gurus,

I know this node.

Now you mean level 1(Region) I configure via 1A partner function, level 2 (Zone) I configure via 1B partner function, level 3 (Territory) I configure via 1C partner function and Level 4 (City)I configure via 1D.

This is what you mean.

please confirm.

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Test your theory in a sandbox and you will know - this is better than trying to memorize what others tell you.

Have in mind that in standard 1A is the initial level for hierarchy A which means the most specific. In your case I assume that Town will be the lowest level.

By the way - City vs Town differentiation is not very clear, unless this is a translation mistake you may wish to reconsider the naming of levels. From what I know the difference between town and city is based on population and territory and is highly subjective. It is best to use criterion that is not ambiguous.

It is better not to change the hierarchy setup provided by SAP, especially if there is any possibility that it is used elsewhere, create for test purposes a hierarchy type of your own with separate partner functions.