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Problem with BLOCK step in dynamic parallel processing

Nov 13, 2017 at 06:17 AM


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Hi all,

I am triggering multiple work items to diff agents using dynamic parallel processing. i have used block step for this. inside the block step i have a user decision step. alls working well till here. After all agents approve their corresponding work item, workflow is not moving to further steps. it is still under status 'In progress' ?. Any clues on this ?. below is the log of one work flow instance.

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3 Answers

Sandra Rossi Nov 13, 2017 at 07:59 AM

It seems there's an error during the email task, because I don't see it in the log. Display the technical view of the log to get more information.

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Hi Sandra, thanks for your response..

Here's the screen shoot for technical details. i dont see any error in mail step. would this be because of any system issues ?.

4.jpg (196.4 kB)


You should do a few tests by changing your workflow, either the way Mike has proposed, or you may also remove temporarily the mail step to make sure it's not the cause of the issue.


i am sure mail is not cause of issues.

Block step was working this morning. I have made few description changes to decision step inside the block and reactivated the workflow. suddenly it stopped working and coming out of block before all approvers take any actions..

Any thoughts why this is happeing ?.

Mike Pokraka Nov 13, 2017 at 01:38 PM

You don't really need a block for this. But I agree with Sandra that the issue is in your email task. If in doubt, just remove the parallel processing part and try with a single approval.

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Hi Mike, Thanks for your response.

I have to use block because workflow has to dynamically determine price discrepancies b/w PO line and IR line and send work item to approver. PO might have multiple line items and each line item approver can be different. To determine all this at run time and send out work-items to all approvers simultaneously i have used block step. once everybody approves i have to perform next step. if any one rejects i have to come out of block and do some other action.

I did test the mail step. no problem with that. am i missing some thing in my workflow ?.




Still you don't need a block. The join after the decision split already creates an implicit block. You can try out the parallel approval wizard to see a slightly more complex scenario, also without blocks.

Of course the block itself shouldn't harm, but if there are issues then it's always a good strategy to simplify the scenario. Did you test the mail step following approval? i.e. take your WF as is now, remove the block and replace the parallel process with a single agent.


HI Mike,

Block step has worked this morning. all of the sudden its not working again?. i did try taking out block step and sending mail, mail step, works perfectly.

why system is behaving this way ?. why all of the sudden block has stopped working ?.


Difficult to say without looking at your system, the WF builder is quite stable these days but maybe there is some corruption in the WF definition. But removing the block and just putting the decision step as a parallel task should achieve the same as the scenario of your screenshot.

If that doesn't behave then rebuild the WF using a new template - shouldn't take too long for a small WF.


Hey Mike,

Thanks for your response. since morning WF looks stable. hope it will not break again. I am guessing it could be some buffering problem.

Any ways i will close this thread for now. If any issues comes up i will follow alternative methods of parallel processing.

Thanks, rakesh.


In case it's a buffer issue, and the issue happens again, try transaction SWU_OBUF to reset the buffer (note: it's reset automatically after midnight). The reset is usually needed only when you work in different clients or your system has several application servers.


Hi sandra,

so far all's well from yesterday morning. dont know what i have done and how it got fixed. hopefully it wont trouble me again.

Rakesh Karpurapu Dec 05, 2017 at 11:42 PM

Hi All,

I have finally found out the reason for this inconsistency. if there is a dynamic parallel processing in(In my case Block step) your workflow please make sure that you come out of SWDD or workflow development tool before testing WF.

Hope this might help other if any body ever faces same issue..

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