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SAPUI5: Real Estate coordinate plotting

Nov 13, 2017 at 03:23 AM


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Hi Expert,

A question regarding below process. I have a table maintained in blue box.

How could I render the coordinates to a clickable table/grid like what is shown in red box. Which SAPUI5 control able to achieve this objective? The X will be the lot id which will be maintained in the table and it shall have an event triggered to show the detail information when user click on the cell. Some lot will have single cell and some will need to merge cell(Note: if the coordinate is not maintained, it shall leaves blank to that cell and is non-clickable).

Does this requirment able to achive using sapui5 for fiori app?




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I've tried to use sap.m.table to display the output. It's able to display the output but not as per desired results.

The desired output as below

I changed the excel output to csv format and upload.

However, my output for sap.m.table is as below

Any idea how I can merge the cell with the same value and the cell border is displayed in block?

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1 Answer

Irfan Gokak Nov 13, 2017 at 09:05 AM


You can achieve by creating custom control.

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Hi Irfan Gokak,

How would be the json/odata stores the records. The maintenance table received could be have N columns and N rows to be created. The table cell could be not merging or merged vertically and horizontally.


Hi Yen Shen, Ben Lim ,

Using table we cannot achieve this, for that we have to create complete new custom control.


Hi Irfan Gokak,

Is it we use custom control to build up the coordinate one by one according to the internal table coordinates? How can the custom control populate into correct coordinate according to the maintenance table received? There might have empty coordinate and the output is not a rectangular shape?


Hi Yen,

I'm not sure how it's going to workout but there's a possibilities and it's my suggestion not a complete solution.