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Jan 25, 2008 at 06:57 PM

Pay Roll Questions...


Hello Friends please answers...

1)What do you mean by payroll area(1)

2)Name mandatory infotypes required for payroll(2)

3)Name how payroll and time is integrated(4)

4)How will you handle bi monthly payments(1)

5)What is a wage type(1)

6)What do u mean by wage type characteristics( 1)

7)What is processing class(2)

8)What are evaluation classes(2)

9)How to handle loans in SAP (1)

10)Explain the integration between HR payroll and FI(2)

Explain is it possible to post loan in a customer defined wage types(4)

11)What are PCR's(1)

12)What is partial period parameter(1)

13)Is it possible to handle designation based allowances in SAP ,

if so how?(2)

14)What are the possible problems arise in system if a person is changed

15)from one company code to another ?(2)

16)Is it possible to assign multiple cost centers to a person , if so


17)Is it possible to assign different company code cost centers to a

person? if so how? If not why?(1)

Thanks and Regards,