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How to export a Lumira 2.0 Application ?

Hello all,

Could you please tell me how we can export an Lumira 2.0 application stored in "BI Platform Documents" Folder ?

I saw in this link an explication from Mustapha (, but what if we need to send a .rar of our application by email or something else. I have a feeling if we develop on the BI Platform, we are stuck...

Thanks for your help :)


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4 Answers

  • Nov 11, 2017 at 08:52 PM

    Hi or you could navigate to the folder where you have uploaded the document (LUMX file) on the BIP.

    Right click on the document

    Save or move the LUMX file to the folder where you have the other LUMX files

    C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\SAP Lumira Documents

    go into designer and refresh the local documents - if the have uploaded a CSS file or some pictures. Pls make sure the file location is the same

    or else the CSS and picture is not loaded into the file. Either adjust the name on the LUMEX file or change the file location path

    after this you can publish the LUMEX file to a new BIP



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    • Hi René,

      Thanks for the confirmation. I just tried again with a simple application and it worked this time. Previously I had received an error message with an application that included composites in the same document. This was using SP01 so perhaps the issue was fixed in SP02.



  • Nov 10, 2017 at 05:32 PM

    Jonas - you need to highlight/select the BI Platform folder in your screen shot, right click, and then download option will appear. I just tried it. Including a screen shot here:

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  • Nov 11, 2017 at 03:55 AM

    Hi Jonas,

    I assume you want to be able to download the RAR file from the BI Platform and send it by email for cases where you have some kind of sample/prototype app that you want to distribute OUTSIDE of your organisation. This could be the scenario if you are working for a consulting firm and want to share samples with your clients. In such a scenario, for distributing such apps by email, I recommend the following steps:

    1. Create the Lumira document as a Local Document and NOT on the BI Platform;

    2. Create the Designer app in this Local Document;

    3. Use "offline data sources" via the Lumira Discovery interoperability feature;

    4. Locate the Lumira Document (LUMX) RAR/ZIP file in the local documents folder on your PC and email it as desired;

    5. The recipient of the file can then simply place it in their own Lumira local documents folder and execute it.

    The advantage of the above approach is that you create a completely standalone app with the data already embedded which can be independently distributed.

    Although technically you can download a Lumira Document to your PC from the BI Platform as per my answer in the discussion you have referenced, if you simply place a document downloaded in this way into the Lumira local documents folder, you will not be able to open and work with such a document in Lumira. This is why I recommend the above approach.

    Now if you need to distribute your Lumira document from one BI Platform to another BI Platform outside of your organisation, you can export the Lumira document as a LCMBIAR file via Promotion Management and email that file to the recipients you want to distribute to. Those recipients can then import the LCMBIAR file into their own BI Platform using Promotion Management. The only consideration here is that if your Lumira Document has any live data source connections, then these will need to be re-mapped to corresponding connections when importing into the recipient's BI Platform, assuming they have matching data sources.



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    Nov 13, 2017 at 01:52 PM

    Hello René, Tammy & Mustafa,

    Indeed Mustafa, i want to export my application in .rar version in order to be able to send it to someone else or save it for versioning or others reasons.

    What i need : Download an application from BI Platform in .rar in order to be able to use it as a Local Documents for exemple. I know how to download a document from BIP (as mentionned by René and Tammy), but it's not my goal.

    In your solution Mustafa, i should create first my application in local. But in my case, i want to donwload an existing application, not create a new one.

    I have the feeling Design Studio Team deleted this "Export option", which is mandatory for us :(

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