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Jan 25, 2008 at 12:46 PM

** End-to-End Monitoring - RFC destination error while save config in RWB


Hi Friends,

We have 2 RFC destinations in our XI server. 1) PMI<client>001 2) PMI<client><client>800. First one is for XI server. Next one is for Sender/Receiver System.

We want to activate End-to-End Monitoring in RWB. For this, when I save configuration, it throws the following error.


Incorrect RFC Destinations: When the configuration is saved, an RFC destination is created on the monitoring server for each XI component to enable end-to-end monitoring of the respective XI component. However, the test call failed for the destinations listed. Therefore, you must check the call and the authorization on the monitoring server for the destinations concerned, by using transaction SM59. Also check whether RFC user used for the destination is maintained in the relevant XI component. Note that a component can only be monitored when its RFC destination is maintained correctly.


I have checked the user in the above destinations. For the first destination, we have assigned PIRWBUSER of XI system. Test Connection is OK, but unable to login remote. At the same time, PIRWBUSER is not locked.

For the second destination, I have assigned some login user of sender/receiver system. Test connection is OK. Able to login remotely.

There is no RFC user in our XI system. (I tried using RFCUSER* thru SU01 tcode).

There is no PIRWBUSER in the Sender/Receiver System.

In RWB, Configuration, 3 components are there. 1) XIIntegrationServer 2) Business System (for Sender/Receiver System) 3) XI Adapter Framework. I selected last two. (First one is already selected). Monitoring Level : Medium (for all 3). Send and Receive Check box is selcted for the last two.

So, what could be the problem for the above error?

Could you kindly clarifiy friends.

Thanking you

Kind Regards,

Jeg P.