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Nov 10, 2017 at 02:32 PM

Exctract different Ledgers from FAGLFLEXT for Consolidation (0SEM_BCS_10)?


Dear Experts,

we face some issues when extracting data from table FAGLFLEXT in our R/3 for consolidation purposes.

We are using the extractor 0SEM_BCS_10, which uses the extract Structure "FAGL_EXTSTRUCT_LEAD" to extract data as totals in a YTD format. This extractor works just fine if you are only using the leading ledger. Unfortunately our Customer has the requirement to extract the leading ledger 0l (Local GAAP) + 1L (IFRS) for parallel Accounting in SEM-BCS.

Unfortunately the DataSource does not allow to check the Ledger-Field for selection because the extractstrucuture only delivers the data of the leading ledger.

Is there any way to allow extraction of more than one ledger using / or enhancing the standard extractors delivered by SAP (Field: RLDNR)?

We already tried creating a generic extractor on the Table FAGLFLEXT but got an error.

as I mentioned we need the data for consolidation purposes, therefore fields like Transaction Type, Partner Company, Profitcenter, Functional Area, etc. are necessary. In Addition there is no need for Documentnumbers and we need Totals for Balance Carry Forward.

Thanks for your help and kind regards,