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Configured HIVE adapter on SAP Data Services 4.2 SP7 to load data into HIVE tables

Nov 13, 2017 at 01:26 PM


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We have setup Hive adapter with Beeline executable on DS, created datastore and imported Hive tables. created DS jobs to populate these tables but facing issues at runtime.

The first command creates a folder with three files i.e., hiveLoad.ctl,,hiveLoad_0.dat(source table data is dumped into this file).

while running the second command error occurs and is shown below.

Finally, target hive table couldn't load with data. If anybody worked on this kind of scenario, appreciate your help.

 BLKLOAD: Starting Hive.  Command line used is <beeline -u $1 -n rrarchiv -f
 /DS Path/dataservices/log/hadoop/Hive_stg_data_12895/hiveLoad.ctl>.
 BLKLOAD: Starting Hive.Command line used is                                </DS Path/dataservices/log/hadoop/Hive_stg_data_12895/>.

Hive failed with error: <None zero return code>. Error file: <DROP TABLE >. Log file: <%4>. Run <%5> on the command line to debug or notify Customer Support.
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I have slightly different result. In my case data is loaded to hive but still the the message "Hive failed with error: ....." is appearing.

Did you find any solution?


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