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Where to assign accounting principles?

Nov 10, 2017 at 10:41 AM


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I have some misunderstanding of FI configuration in S4HANA 1610

In path SPRO:

1 .Financials Accounting (New) > Financials Accounting Global Settings > Ledgers > Ledger > Define Settings for Ledgers and Currency Types -

I can configure G/L (eg 0L) add to it CCodes (1010) and for every CCodes I can assign accounting priciples (eg IFRS). After creation of G/L system creates Leadger Group for that G/L.

2. Financial Accounting (New) > General Ledger Accounting (New) > Periodic Processing > Valuate > Check Assignment of Accounting Principle to Ledger Group

I can assign Ledger group to accounting principles. This assignments can be different than these done in no 1.

Which of them is used when? Could anyone explain it to me?


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2 Answers

Gustavo Vazquez Nov 10, 2017 at 01:17 PM

Hi Adam,

The 1. says Define and if speaking about system configuration it's the first thing to do.

The 2. says Check and you are already in Periodic Processing, so definitions has been done before.

Both IMG points should have the same configuration table. Check for Technical Information in the help on the field.

Kind Regards

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Adam Sobkowicz Nov 13, 2017 at 09:56 AM

Hi Gustvo,

Thank you for your answer.

But it is still not clear to me.

1. I can assign accounting principles to General Leger, level below Company Code and level below accounting principle. So I assign accounting principle on the Company code level in G/L 0L.

2. I can assign accounting principle to General Level Group. After creating new GL system creates General Ledger Group. There is not any option to assign company codes. If I assign eg. GLG 0L to MRFS that means for me that for every Company Codes this accounting principle is valid. But it is not true according to 1, because I can have company codes assigned to GL 0L and assigned to accounting principle GAAP.


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Hi Adam

the assignment sequence is:

Company Code -> Ledger -> Ledger Group -> Accounting Principle -> Valuation Area

You could create different Ledger Groups and assign them to different accounting principles which could be overlaped. This is not a recommended configuration. In general you assign a Ledger to an accounting principle.

Ledger 0L is default ledger and is assigned to all company codes.SAP recommends no to change it as Defaul Ledger.

Kind regards