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Jan 25, 2008 at 10:41 AM

Purchasing Organization.


Dear Sapguru's,

Iam mapping on 4.7R/3. I have a doubt in assignments of Purchase organization's?

Company : NDDB


Plants: IP01- HBI gachibowli plant

IP02-DPT Gacibowli Plant

IP03-FMD Ooty plant

Purchase organizations:RP01 Regular Purchg Org. for plant IP01

RP02 Regular Purchg Org. for plant IP02

RP03 Regular Purchg Org.for Plant IP03

RPUO Reference Purchg Org.

CPUO Central Purchng Org.

SPUO Standard Purchasing Org.

I have defined all the, now in assignments i have a doubt how to assign & how do they act accordingly?

SPRO->E.Struc->Assngn-> M.M->

1. Assgn PO to C.Code? Which PO shld i assign Central or reference? What all can we purchase here?

2.Assignment PO to Plants?

Ans) Here i have assigned regular PO's to the regular Plant's respectively.

i.e RP01->IP01


RP03->IP03. I hope this is correct. This means that we can procure materials for the respective plants only. Please correct me if my concept is wrong?

3.Assignment of Standard PO to Plant?

In 4.7 iam unable to assign can you pls. let me know if their is any other method to do it?

4.Assignment of Purchase Orga. to reference Purchase org.? Which PO shld be assigned to Refrence Purchase org. & how does it act i.e what sort of materials can be procure?

Hope my query is clear.

I would be very thank full & award if this is solved?

Thanks & Regards