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How to update all the source fields at once in start routine??

Nov 10, 2017 at 05:53 AM


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Hi Gurus
I have around 60 fields in source and in the source I am getting Null.

I need to update all the fields to blank whenever the value is NULL.

Can I write abap code in start routine where I can loop in all the fields and update them to blank. Whenever it gets NULL value ?

Can i get a pseudo code for this ?

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Hi Francis,

I'm just wondering what kind of dataSources can give you null values ?

SAP db tables are generally defined with Not null fields (at the DB level).



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We are getting data from SQL Azure .

SQL team sends us csv files since NULL is accepted in SQL most of the fields have NULL.

I can manually replace all the NULL to blank in CSV file but i want to make it dynamic.

In BW I have created a file extract to consume these files.

In the transformation from file extract to classic dso i want to write a routine where i can loop in all the fields and replace NULL with blank.

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1 Answer

Mario Tibollo Nov 14, 2017 at 07:58 AM

loop at source_package assigning <source_fields>

if <source_fields>-field1 is initial. <source_fields>-field1 = ' '.

if <source_fields>-field2 is initial. <source_fields>-field2 = ' '.

and so on


the blank value is different per type of characteristic.

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I have more than 60 fields is there any ways to update all the fields at a time instead of writing code for each field?


not that i know of.