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How to assign "position" as agents in Work Flow?

Nov 14, 2017 at 05:36 AM


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Dear Experts,

Can somebody know the way to assign position as agents in Work Flow. What I want to do is that assigning multiple people as approver of an IV document.

To achieve that, I am thinking of using the HR position function. What I did so far is as follows.

1.Create Position and assign two users to the position via PPOCE and PPOMW.(*screenshot 1)

2.Select "S Position" and the position code I created above as Agents in Controll Tab of Work Flow builder(PFTC). (*screenshot 2)

3.Then create an IV Document and see if the people assigned to the position received SAP mails.

4.The result is that no one receivded the mail.(this is my problem)

If anyone had any ideas, please share me.


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screenshot1.png (209.4 kB)
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2 Answers

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Mike Pokraka Nov 14, 2017 at 09:13 AM

A work item will only go to all possible agents of a task, i.e. those who are allowed to receive it.

Click on the yellow icon next to 'Agent assignment' to define the possible agents. Please ensure that your position and the resulting users are there. Set it as a general task to test, that means anyone can receive it (should be avoided for production).

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Thank you Mike!
According to your comments, I think some problem exists because no user is shown in the screen(which is against "

Please ensure that your position and the resulting users are there.")

Is that some customize program or lack of activation or something like that?


screenshot3.png (198.2 kB)

That's the one I was talking about. But I see it is already defined as a general task, so it should work. Ideally you should assign a role or something here, the effect of a general task is that if no agent is found it will go to everybody.

If you only made the changes today the old state may still be buffered, see Rob's answer on refreshing.


Thanks for your advice, I succedded to send SAP mail to defined receivers.

Thank you very much!

Now, my concern is about the expected impact area.

I think there will be no impact except the Work Flow because what I did is just created new position and assigned existed User ID to it. However I am concerned about the link between the position and User ID will afect any areas.(SD, MM or FI and so on)
Any ideas would be appreciated.


No, unless you also start linking roles.

In fact, it's quite common to have a separate 'approval' org structure to the real HR one.


>you also start linking roles.

→Do you mean linking other users, jobs or unit?

I cannot get what "roles" means here.

Does the setting of the position automatically affect HR, FI or other areas?

If there is no connection to other areas unless I do set some customizing, there would be no problem because I did not do anything except creating a new postition and link some user ID to it.




I was referring to security roles, object type AG. The main thing here is that these are maintained by your authorizations team.

This can be a very very useful feature if done right, because it means a single maintenance for both transactional authorisations and workflow.


Thank you, Mike!

Actually, I was not thinking of the security role.(However I may consider about that)

So what you meant is that security role affects the Work Flow and then that is the impacted area.

There will be no more impact area in your opinion.

Is my recognition right?




Defining a general task is usually not recommended unless it is specifically needed. If agent determination results in an empty result, it will go to EVERYONE. Therefore it's usually better to restrict a task to a set of possible agents. Security roles are ideal for this as they are already maintained.

Thank you for replay Mike and I apologize for my late reply.

Could you tell me how to restict a task to a set of possible agents?

I was thinking to change some settings at the Maintain Agent Assignment screen of PFTC.

I tried to execute "create agent assignment" button, but the message said "General task: can be edited by all users" and nothing happened.

Do I need to go to the PPOCE transaction and do some setting?




You are in the correct place, you just need to click on Attributes and change it from General Task to one of the other settings (explained in the F1 help). Assigning roles or org objects contradicts the general task setting, therefore SAP gives you that message.

Thank you Mike!

I think I successed in resricting the task.

Thank you so much for your kind explanation!


success.png (16.8 kB)
Rob Dielemans Nov 14, 2017 at 09:38 AM


this might be an HR-buffer issue. The workflow only checks the buffer to see if any agents are assigned to the position.

Synchronisations happens once every day at midnight but you can force it with transaction SWU_OBUF.

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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Thank you for your comment, Rob!

My problem was solved according to your advice!
Now, my concern is about the expected impact areas.

I suppose that there will be no impact except the Work Flow for which I assigned the new Position as agents.

If you have any comments on this, please tell me.



You can check if this workflow is used by other processes, but other than that it is safe to assume it won't have an impact anywhere else.

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans


The work flow is not used by other process.

Do you have any suggestion about how to assume that?

Im thinking of using Where-Used List for HRP1000 table to assume the impact area.