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Jan 24, 2008 at 08:34 PM

Relationship between 'business transactions', SAP LUW, and tRFCs?


Here's what (I think 😉 I know:

- A 'business transaction' is a set of (dialog) steps that have the same 'transaction ID.' I can see the steps of a business transaction in STAD or STATTRACE.

- An SAP LUW is a set of steps that are a single unit of work.

- Function calls started with a tRFC are started in a new SAP LUW.

The questions are:

- Does an SAP LUW correspond 1:1 to a business transaction?

- If so, then tRFC spawns sub-transactions. Is there a way (using STAD or STATTRACE) to see, the parent-child transaction relationship? To see which transactions spawned which sub-transactions?