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Delete custom code in Decommissioning Cockpit for Solution Manager 7.2

Nov 13, 2017 at 07:39 AM


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we are using SAP Solution Manager 7.2. We want to use the Decommissioning Cockpit to phase out unused custom code. We have created an analysis and identified a report that is no longer needed. There are two entries for this report in the list, one for the development system and one for the production/statistic system.

We have created a backup transport (using the button in the cockpit) and release the transport in the dev system. The status of the report is "Phasing Out" for the entry of the development system and "Backed Up" for the entry of the production/statistic system.

Now we want to delete the report. But how do we do this? In screenshots and videos of Solution Manager 7.1 I can see a button "Delete Transport", but this button is missing in our Solution Manager 7.1 Decommissioning Cockpit. Can you please give me a hint on this?

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1 Answer

Oliver Hütköper Jan 12 at 08:01 AM


I opened an Incident for this. Here is SAPs answer:

"We had this in SolMan 7.1 to get the number of the deletion transport assigned to the object in CCLM. There were no other possibilities to get the number of the deletion transport. This was the main reason to implement this in Decom Cockpit
In 7.2 we have now the possibility to detect the deletion transport for every object, by a separate collector, so the reason described above is no longer valid
There were also issues about creating a transport in dev system from Solution Manager. As you need then dev authorization in the dev system. Normally persons using CCLM in SolMan do not have authorization to create transports in dev system.
This is the main fact why we decided to not support this feature in 7.2.

The deletion transport can only be created for PROG and TRAN. Because we cannot take care of reference between objects of other types."

So this means, the Decommissioning Cockpit is only meant to identify objects. The deletion of these objects is a manual process.

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