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Jan 24, 2008 at 03:15 PM

Strange response time for an RFC call viewed from STAD on R/3 4.7



On our R/3 4.7 production system, we have a lot of external RFC calls to execute an abap module function. There are 70 000 of these calls per day.

The mean response time for this RFC call is 35 ms.

Some times a few of them (maybe 10 to 20 per day) are way much longer.

I am currently analysing with STAD one of these long calls which lasted 10 seconds !

Here is the info from STAD

Response time : 10 683 ms

Total time in workprocess : 10 683 ms

CPU time : 0 ms

RFC+CPIC time : 0 ms

Wait for work process 0 ms

Processing time 10.679 ms

Load time 1 ms

Generating time 0 ms

Roll (in) time 0 ms

Database request time 3 ms

Enqueue time 0 ms

Number Roll ins 0

Roll outs 0

Enqueues 0

Load time Program 1 ms

Screen 0 ms

CUA interf. 0 ms

Roll time Out 0 ms

In 0 ms

Wait 0 ms

Frontend No.roundtrips 0

GUI time 0 ms

Net time 0 ms

There is nearly no abap processing in the function module.

I really don't uderstand what is this 10 679 ms processing time especially with 0 ms cpu time and 0 ms wait time.

A usual fast RFC call gives this data

23 ms response time

16 ms cpu time

14 ms processing time

1 ms load time

8 ms Database request time

Does anybody have an idea of what is the system doing during the 10 seconds processing time ?