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Change Data source of a Info chart upon drop down selection

Hi Gurus,

I have a dashboard that based on 2 different BEX queries with only difference of

DS_1: GL data of all the Profit Centers

DS_2 : GL allocated to customers.

I have success in changing the Cross tab to DS_2 after selecting Customer Droop Down but my Info Charts are not changing,

Charts and Crosstab are in 2 different tabs.

I have code on Customer Drop down "On Select" as Cross-tab_1.setdatasource(DS_2)

This works well but not for charts.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Using Design Studio 1.6 SP1.



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  • Thanks for responding Mustafa,

    Just on the Customer Drop down, I have a code




    for now, I have replicated the same charts and mapped data source to DS_2.

    Trying to find alternate solution than duplicating charts and remapping source, just like I did Crosstab_1.



  • Can you post the entire script code of the Drop Down "On Select" event, specifically showing the code you have applied to change the InfoChart data source?

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