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Nov 10, 2017 at 09:28 AM

How to load Chinese or Japanese data file to IQ db with iso_1 char-set?


Dear All,

Customer has several IQ DB(15.4~15.7). The charset settings on some DB is iso_1 (ISO_8859_1). Now they need to load some data file with Chinese or Japanese Characters inside. But after load, they found all the Chinese and Japanese charaters are turned to illegal characters.

As we know -- if we built an ASE db with iso_1, it will accept the Chinese and Japaness charaters correctly as binary write -- only difference on the string length counting should be different. But this time on IQ -- it looks iso_1 IQ can't do the same...

It's urgent to help customer to load those data file to this iso_1 IQ db. So would you please kind help? Thanks in advance for any ideas.