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Nov 10, 2017 at 08:40 AM

Onboarding: start button is missing on welcome screen



I'm trying to understand the new onboarding process using SAPFioriFlows so I just created 2 apps to see how it works. The first app is a master detail app created with the assistant, the second one is using the same service but I did not check the create master detail app in the assistant.

I just copied the AppDelegate, OnboardingManager and ConfigurationManager from the 1st app to the 2nd one and also changed the app id in the 2nd app.

The 1st app works as expected. For the 2nd app, I don't have any compilation error and the app seems to run just fine. However the Start button is not shown on the welcome screen so I can't authenticate and I'm stuck.

The console seems to show the same errors for the 2 apps (errors like "Unknown class FUIOnboardingButton in Interface Builder file.").

Am I missing something obvious?