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New Procedure menu option missing SAP HANA Express Edition Web IDE

Nov 09, 2017 at 08:45 PM


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I am following tutorial In step 8 : Create Procedures, the menu option for New->Procedure is missing.

Also noticed that .hdiconfig file is missing toom but it was there when I first created the db module. I am using HANA 2.0 SPS02 Express Edition on GCP. Also the 'Database Explorer' icon is not there, is this related to the create Procedure menu going amiss?

BTW, I see a technical issue in Database Explorer plugin view in 'Features' setting.



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Hello Sumit,

Did you ever get an answer to this problem? I am facing a similar issue.



Dear Brian,

I got it working by restarting HDB. I suppose the network connectivity got disrupted midway for which the issue was occurring, please also check Lucia's answer below for a detailed troubleshooting options.

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Lucia Subatin
Nov 30, 2017 at 06:54 PM


You are missing the entire database explorer there (an icon between the "</>" and the settings). This may be solved by refreshing Web IDE or even loading it in incognito mode.

If that does not fix it, log in to https://hxehost:51015 as XSA_ADMIN (in a separate browser or incognito mode if you are not logged in as XSA_DEV), go into the Application Monitor tab and make sure hrtt-core and hrtt-service are running (specially this last one, as it causes this exact behavior when it's not):

You can also check on the logs and restart it using the options on the right of those services. If you choose to restart them, wait until they have started again and then refresh Web IDE.

You can still create the procedure by calling the file with extension ".hdbprocedure" but something seems off there.

As for the .hdiconfig, you can see them after you choose "View->Show hidden files" as instructed at the end of Step 1 in that tutorial.



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Thanks a lot Lucia for a detailed answer. I got it working by stopping and starting the HDB again and then checked Web IDE for HANA again. I'll remember to check Admin cockpit also in future.