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Refresh Lumira documents from BOBJ web interface

Nov 09, 2017 at 03:19 PM


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Dear All,

We are facing an issue with a Lumira Document that is stored on a SAP BOBJ (BI) Platform. Lumira is connected with an SAP ERP system with a Hana database. The data sources of this Lumira Document are an Excel File and a Hana Dataset (the document takes data from an excel file and Hana Dataset). Excel file is a located on a File Server in the same network with the BOBJ server and is declared in Lumira Document using a UNC path (\\fileserver\...). We are able to access this excel file from BOBJ server using this UNC path.

When we are trying to refresh this document using the web interface of BOBJ server (Lumira server) we get the error “DataSet Refresh Failed”. If we try to refresh this document from a Lumira client the refresh is working without problems.

We have created a Lumira Document based on Hana Dataset only (without excel file) and the refresh is working both from a Lumira client and BOBJ Server (web interface).

We want to be able to refresh our Lumira Documents from the web interface of Lumira server. Is this possible when the document has an excel file as data source? Where can we search for the reason of the update failure? Can someone help?

SAP Lumira Version: 1.28

SAP HANA Version: (fa/hana1sp12)

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 Support Pack 3 Version:

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Ajay Gupta Nov 09, 2017 at 04:34 PM


It is NOT possible to refresh Lumira objects within BI LaunchPad, if the data source is Excel. It will only work if the data source is from UNX / HANA / BW within BI LaunchPad. The Desktop client is the only method of refreshing an Excel data source.

Thanks Kindly,


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Megh Vora Nov 10, 2017 at 12:39 PM


It seems that you are on an unsupported platform. Please check below PAM guide for SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform

As per this, if you are on BI 4.2 SP3, then the SAP Lumira version should be 1.31.x

SAP Lumira 1.28.x is not supported with 4.2 SP3. See page No. 9 for the above PAM Guide.

Having said this, SAP Lumira, cannot be created on Excel data source. It is not supported. For all the supported data sources, please refer to the above guide, page no.8

Also refer to SAP KBA:

2483320 - Error "Dataset refresh has failed" when refreshing Lumira reports based on Excel

You may try to store the Excel spreadsheet on the machine hosting the BI Platform and check the behavior if it works for you. - This is not officially supported.



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Lavanya Gorantla Jun 15 at 07:41 AM


I do have Similar Issue, but have crated a story on Universe which is built on SQL Server, and BW Query, locally am able to save and refresh when am saving in launch pad, it saved successfully while opening it's prompting for variables as expected after that window is getting disappeared am not able to figure out the issue, if I created individually I'm able to save and open could please help am I missing something.

Lumira Discovery 2.1 SP0.



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