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Change Update Profile on Funds Management (PBET)

Nov 09, 2017 at 10:15 AM


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Hi All,

We get error "FI_E050" . Our processes could not be changed , so is there any way to figure it out by making change on customizing steps.

In our view, if we change PBET to year based, we will not face with this error.

We are using PBET and payment budget.

Update profile ss are as below;


1- Can I change update profile ?

2- Can I change PBET to year based ?

Kind Regards,


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Eli Klovski
Nov 09, 2017 at 12:19 PM


PBET has its own rules of commitment update in the tables. You are not obliged to work with PBET, but you have to see all the consequences of changing to year-based tracking. Now, about changing update profile: do you speak of a production system or you are just in preparation phase? Obviously, changing FM update profile in productive system, though possible theoretically, has not to be taken lightly as it might have an impact on processing already registered documents in FM, which didn't yet reach their life-cycle end.

Speaking of FI_E050 error: at what circumstances do you receive it and why do you think that you have to change your business process in order to skip it? Is there no alignment of year-end procedures (carry-forward) to business or is there something else?



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Former Member

Hi Eli,

Firstly thank you very much for your valuable answer.

FM is already active in Prod system.

We create PO on 09.10.2017. When we intend to do MIRO(Incoming Invoice) on 01.10.2017 , we faced FI_E050 error.

Then we make active "EXIT_SAPLFMFA_004" exit, in order to make change FM posting date on PO.

But It does not work cause of PBET, in my opinion.

So, I thought if we can change PBET control, we will not receive this error again.

But, some OSS notes say that "PBET can not change" . Hence, I wonder if I change update profile, PBET control could be change as well with customizing.

Now, we have to use FMN4N , in order to change FM posting date of PO in error. This is not user - friendly.

Kind Regards,



That's why I asked if the system is operational... Once activated in production system, PBET is indeed not a subject for change. Unless, you delete commitment data from FM and reconstruct it. But, telling the truth, the situation where IR is posted before related PO doesn't make sense from business perspective.

Former Member

Yes you are totally right but sometimes IR posting date have to be before PO date.

Is there any way to overcome this problem on SAP side?

If we change update profile and PBET as well(not only PBET but also update profile) , do I have to delete commitment data from FM too?

Is there any way to do PBET as passive for some circumstances(like PO type etc) ?

Thank you very much Eli,


PBET cannot be selected based on document type; it applies to the entire commitment type whether it is PO, PR or Earmarked fund. Changing update profile in a working system, as I mentioned, could create problems for documents which are not finalised and the only way to overcome those problems would be deletion of FM data with sequential reconstruction. Of course, you understand, that such exercise is very risky, though, possible in theory and even executable provided the fact that you would test it exhaustively

Former Member

Thank you Eli.

I can infer from your answers that changing PBET is risky. We will consider our business process and make change on business side, not on SAP.

Kind Regards,