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Power designer 16.6 - Generate ddl

Nov 09, 2017 at 09:15 AM


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When I want to generate DDL scripts in power designer (out of the PDM), and I want to create the grants for a specific table, then the granteetype is not in my ddl script. I have been looking in the "edit current DBMS" options for my permissions, and this is the value:


Is there any value or field that I can insert here to add the keyword USER or GROUP (depending on whether it are permissions for a group or user.

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Phillip Lam
Nov 09, 2017 at 06:03 PM

Start Powerdesigner. Open the PDM. Go to Database->Generate Database.

Click Options tab. Check Permission under Table.

If you assign a user to a table and assign some permissions to the user, this is the output:

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Thank you for that answer. Unfortunately it does not get me the solution, because I wanted to have the keyword USER or GROUP. But I also found out that this is not necessary. If the user or the group exists in db2, it will take the correct one, and plus: a user and a group in db2 cannot have the same name. If you specify a user or group in the script that does not exist in db2, then db2 will automatically create a user with that name in db2, but that user cannot be used, since the user (and password) does not exist on the Linux machine (we use dB2 for luw on a Linux Suse machine, in fact, a partition on our z/VSE mainframe).