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Jan 23, 2008 at 10:57 AM

Text not getting translated using Portal Content Translation


Hi Experts,

This is regarding following link:

Let us see what the first page of above link says:


Portal Content Translation


SAP Enterprise Portal provides a process for translating the following text types:

• Resource bundles

Text parts of a PAR file that exist as separate objects

• Texts of portal objects (iView, pages, worksites, roles, systems, etc.)

Multilingual object metadata for portal objects that is stored in the database of the Portal Content Directory (PCD). If a property of a portal object has type text attribute, it is marked as a text and can be translated (e.g. name, description).

The translation process is supported by two tools that can be called from the content administration role. Choose Content Administration ® Portal Content Translation ® Translation Worklist Coordination or Worklist Translation. These tools are used to coordinate and to translate translation worklists. For detailed information see Translation Worklist Coordination and Worklist Translation.


Transport the texts to the system in which translation are to take place. To find out how to perform language transports, see

Performing Language Transports.

Process Flow

The following graphic shows the flow of the translation process for portal objects. The blue process steps belong to “Translation Worklist Coordination” and the orange steps to “Worklist Translation”.


At the end of the translation process, the “Publishing” step automatically writes the texts back to the objects to which they belong. The texts are written to the Portal Content Directory (PCD) or stored at the location of the corresponding PAR files.


I have carried out all steps mentioned in the diagram viz works to

Creating Worklists and add content

Generate translation data

Release for translation

Search worklist and define source and target language

Load worklist for translation

Translate worklist

Make worklist as translated

Publish translation

Is it necessary to Performing Language Transports as mentioned in 'Prerequisites' mentioned above? I have not done this. Text of my iView is not getting translated from English to Spanish. In this context, you can refer the following thread:

Can you please let me know what is going wrong with my customization.