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Exposing Standard node/data for Form Templates

Hi all.

I have a requirement that is to put on Sales Order Form Template a TAX Number information that has the source on AP.FO.BusinessPartner.Global:Customer.TaxNumber. CustomerQuote that is the base for Sales Order Form Template. I've tried some options to add the tax number on Form.

On CustomerQuote we can get TaxNumbes using the navigation BuyerParty->Party->Customer->TaxNumber (Node)

Here are my tries:

1 - Extends CustomeQuote and add a Transient field and on after load get the TaxNumbers and populate that field, but a Transient field can't be used to enhance a form.

2 - Add a new field on CustomerQuote and save on it the desired TaxNumber, it works but I will need to store an additional field in the database I would like to avoid it.

3 - I read about Relation annotation but I can't figure out if I can reference a complete node. Does someone have some useful example using Relation annotation? Could it help that need?

I got that excerpt from documentation "Add standard fields available in the form data structure If you want to add new fields that are not available in the form data structure, you can add extension fields. Other fields require support from the SAP Cloud Service Center."

So, as that node already exists maybe it falls on the last case, call SAP Cloud Service Center.

Does someone already have that needs?

Best regards

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2 Answers

  • Nov 13, 2017 at 10:32 PM


    I am a little confused about your question! why are you referencing the Sales Quote object when you want the Buyer Party Tax Number on the sales order confirmation template?

    anyway the easiest way to add the TaxID of the buyer party..

    1. Open Sales Order Confirmation template in "Simple Form Editor" via Form template maintenance

    2. Select the contact information group (SOC1.jpg)

    3. click "Add field"

    4. TaxID is available to add (SOC2.jpg)

    Once added via the simple form editor, if you want any more complex formatting save/publish template and open in adobe designer. where the data path to TaxID will have been added.

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  • Nov 30, 2017 at 01:58 PM

    Hi John.

    I'm using Hybris C4C not BYD. So the BO is different. We get a response from SAP Support and at that time isn't possible to Enhance Form using default procedure.


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