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Jan 23, 2008 at 09:32 AM

Forum Thread Cleanup - what is the impact


There are many forum threads which go unanswered. Also there are many threads with some basic (?) question which is answered and points awarded.

Because of the large volume of threads no one seems to search before posting a thread.

My question is more for the Community Managers and Tech Team.

1. What happens when a thread is deleted? Does it reduce your database size (and hopefully save some energy to run the datacenter) even by few bytes? Does it improve the performance of your TREX search.

2. The more important question? In case someone was assigned points based ona thread response when the thread(s) are deleted does the points get unassgined. Hope not.

3. Does archiving of threads happen?

I am planning to take up the onerous task of cleaning up the SCM-APO forum starting with unanswered threads (should be quite easy) followed by simple Q&A threads (tough task as the learning should be documented as FAQ in the Wiki).

Before starting it would be good to get the clarifications.