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Fresher Interview questions

hi gurus

im a certfied SAP SD consultant.

i got an interview with one big mnc

Please any body send basice sap sd freshers

interview question




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3 Answers

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    Jan 23, 2008 at 08:40 AM
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    Jan 23, 2008 at 09:54 AM


    Pls make a small search in sdn threads stating u r requirement and also in

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    Jan 23, 2008 at 10:17 AM

    dear rayan

    some questions for you

    1.What is ERP?

    2.Different types of ERP?

    3.What is SAP?

    4.What is IDES?

    5.What is SAP R/3?

    6.What are presentation, application and database servers in SAP R/3?

    7.How can an ERP such as SAP help a business owner learn more about how business operates?

    8.What is your client Number in the project? Like how we have 800 for IDES?

    9.What is the purpose of text determination, account determination, partner determination, output

    determination, storage location determination?

    10.What are the five imp fields to be maintained in account determination?

    11.How to create excise invoice and what is it?

    12.What do you do really in pricing determination, and what are the main differences between one

    pricing procedure determination to the others, which data control these differences ?

    13.What type of reports generally a support consultant maintain and report?

    14.What are interfaces used generally an Indian organization which is in retail business and and which

    is in banking business and oil business?

    15.What is the purpose of shipping point determination not menu path ?

    16.What and where types of copy controls we change ?

    17.How to and where to maintain copy controls?

    18.What is purpose of maintaining common distribution channels and common divisions?

    19.Guide me for conditions types and scale basis for maintaining condition records?

    20. How can we delete the Sales Orders?

    21.How can an invoices be canceled or deleted?

    22. Some materials have been blocked for procurement and production. Even though deletion flag is set

    for a material/plant level, the order can be still entered ( with a warning message). Is there a way to

    block such transactions for a material flagged for deletion?

    23. We can define our own exchange rate types and use them instead of the defaulted types, 'M', 'B' and

    'G'. How can we overwrite default types in SD?

    24. The PL00 condition is fine in delivery. But when we try to print to either the screen or printer, an

    error V1032 occurs. Why?

    25. we have to enter a shipping point while creating a delivery. Is it possible to create delivery without

    shipping points?

    26. SAP allows a non-inventory item and an inventory item to be in the same document till delivery but

    splits at the time of creation of billing document. Can we combine a non-inventory item with an

    inventory item in one invoice? Can we treat it as a value item in sales order so that it is priced and

    then make it as a text item in delivery documents so that it appears in the same invoice and does not


    27. It is impossible to price at the material level (matnr) , when a material has a pricing reference

    (mvke-pmatn) set up against it in the master data. Pricing always look for the pref, even if a price is

    set up against the material and not the pref. How can we price by material and pref?

    28. We generated a new condition table. Assigned the condition to access sequence. Created a

    condition record. Access sequence is assigned to the output type. But when we create a billing

    document, output screen comes up blank for the output type. When we look up Determination

    Analysis, we get an error "Note 524 Access not made (Initialized Field)". What else is required to be


    29. How can we set up to have the VAT# be accepted in the Ship-To Master File Data Control screen?

    30. We want to explode Bill of Material automatically at time of Order entry and explode an

    Equipment BOM in the sales order. What are the setting required?

    31. How can we make the Customer Group 1 (or 2, 3, 4, 5) a mandatory field?

    32. Is there an user exit to copy the data into planning table?

    33. What are the responsibilities of a functional consultant in an implementation project?

    34. What are the main and sub modules in SAP?

    35. Explain the business flow of an implementation project?

    36. Explain briefly about your role in current/previous project? (If you have one)

    37. Explain your functional experience prior to SAP?

    38. Explain the terms "AS IS" and "FIT GAP ANALYSIS"?

    39.What are the responsibilities of "CORE TEAM" and "FUNCTIONAL TEAM" in an


    39. . What exactly is automatic posting can you explain?

    40. How many clients we will create in land scape (like in development server, quality server,

    production server ) if we are creating more than one in each server what is exact use of that client.

    40. How we can do invoice split depending on item category in which scenario we will use?

    41. Can any one explain how we will configure milestone billing , periodic billing and which scenario

    we will use?

    42. What is the movement type you used in consignment process?

    43. Can team size be 40 in a project? Is there any generalized team size no. for any project? If we tell

    my team size is 40 in that what no. we can say sd people are?

    44. What is meant by condition technique: can we say it is the combination of condition types, access

    sequence and condition tables?

    45. Where do we can find pricing procedure indicator in sd ?

    46. Where do we assign calender in the master records?

    47. What is the importance of customer account groups?

    48. What are incoterms? Where do we fix them? Where do you find in regular process?

    49. What is the standard group condition routine in condition type, what is its importance?

    50. What are the customizing settings in pricing procedure for tax condition type?

    rewards if it helps


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