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How to block Invoice for posting multiple PO's of Different plant in MIRO

Nov 10, 2017 at 10:32 AM


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Hello All,

I have a requirement to block Single Invoice from posting multiple PO's of Different Plants of same company code in MIRO.

I have a Company Code 1000 and 2 Plants in it: AO01, AO02 and AO03.

Now the business asked to block, if any user tries to punch multiple PO's of different plants. It can only be possible to punch multiple PO's of same plant.

Please suggest me the best way or solution to this.

Your urgent help is highly appreciated!!!



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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Nov 10, 2017 at 12:20 PM

Why would a user get an idea to do such postings?

Probably because the invoice of your vendor references several POs from you.

So what would be the logical consequence?

Blocking MIRO with a user exit? or asking the vendor to create individual invoices per your PO.

Maybe you should already ask your buyers not to club requisitions from several plants into a single PO.

In any case, account postings are not a plant level, they are at company code level, and should hence not do any harm.

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Hi Jurgen,

Thanks for your prompt reply!

We are having different Plant PO's, the vendor's are sending separate invoices for each PO, but the problem is that, the FI Users are posting all invoices into one MIRO Document.

What actually we want to block for punching multiple PO's in a single MIRO Document.

Can you please suggest me the further, is it possible to block within Standard SAP or by Function Module or by user exit? (Please identify and let me know with the FM or Exit, we can use).

Thank you in advance.




your company does not have department heads to enforce some policies and to educate their users?

Honestly I do not see for 2 cent any sense in such activity, as this would even add more work for the user himself., as it would require to sum up all invoices manually and you even lose the reference to the vendors individual invoice.

Please search the community before asking,

this term in Google has 2700 results: user exit miro

The devil in me would use an exit that checks at the very end of the process, while saving, whether all referenced POs have lines of the same plant. This would quickly educate them.

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Jürgen L

Thank you so much Jurgen... for your reply.

Have a Great Time ahead.