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SAP GUI font size change automatically

Nov 10, 2017 at 10:43 AM


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We work on SAP 740 and an user has a strange issue; the font size change automatically when he used an external screen (he works on a Surface pro 3 under Windows 10).

We have defined the fontsize via the menu Options > Visual Design > Font Settings > Fixed Width Font Settings.

But the fontsize keeps to change automatically when he used his external screen.

Do you have an idea ?



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Hi Cedric,

Welcome to the SAP Community!

I adjusted the tag on your question a bit to one more appropriate for general SAPGUI questions.

Could you please provide a bit more information about your SAPGUI environment? You mention that it's version 740; what is the patch level? Have you tried patching it up to the latest available? Also, have you made sure the laptop is updated with the latest Windows updates and drivers, especially video and monitor drivers?

We have a number of users with Surface Pros and Windows 10 in my shop, and I think some of them are using external monitors as well. I'll have to check to see how their systems behave, but unfortunately I won't be able to do so until next week (today is a holiday for us). I am not aware of anyone complaining about this issue, however.



Hi Matt

Were you able to fix the issue?I am on GUI 750 and I am facing exactly the same issue.The moment i open SAP GUI ,my screen resolution and font size changes for all the applications including SAP.I have tried several times to reduce the font (options -->Font Settings) but this also did not bring normal resolution back.Please let me know if you know the fix.



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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your support.

We use SAP 7400.1.0.1093 build 1524627 and patch level is 0.

Windows 10 is up to date and drivers also.

I will patch SAP, test again and let you know.



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1 Answer

Marc Sturmlechner
Jun 25 at 09:11 AM

Hello Cederic, Hello Anika,

Do you use a Windows DPI higher than 100%?

Best regards,

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