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SAP Hana XSA Web IDE DWF: Including in a project


we do have a XSA project which we started a long time ago.

Now we would like to use NDSOs and the DWF task chains for our complex ETL requirements.

I was creating the DWF template (Backend, Database, DWF) for testing the whole features. But now I'm a little bit unsure what would the best practise to use this components for our project. May I allowed to include all this stuff in our project (inclusive including all the MTA stuff) to get this task chains (incl. flowgraphs) to run?

Any advice would be nice?

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  • I could create a new SAP-MTA template and was able to create a NDSO table within this project.

    After that I tried to get the NDSO tables to work in our older project

    I copied the folder DataStore and defaults in my project, compared the hdiconfig files from both projects (which are exactly the same) and build everything.

    Then I tried to create an NDSO artifact. The issue is that I'm not able to do this. The icon in the CDS Graphical Editor for NDSO is missing.

    For testing, I copied the NDSO hdbcds file from the SAP template project in our project and could build it successfully.

    Any idea, why the icon for NDSO is missing?

    Would it be a problem if I create the NDSO temporarily until the problem is fixed in this other project and take this for our project?

    Any ideas?

    ndso.png (7.4 kB)
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    Nov 10, 2017 at 03:35 PM

    Got it fixed by the help of SAP.

    Even if your DB module was created without the DataStore option you can get the graphical editor to work by following section 3.2 in this document: (specifically Picture 3-32).

    This entry was missing in my project.

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