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No PD-PA assignment in integration (SFSF vs SAP on premise) is displayed

Hello experts,

I am in an integration of Employee Central vs SAP on premise with HCI and I have the following disadvantage: the organizational assignment is not being presented to form the link between position and employee as shown below.

The minimum components required for the integration of organizational data are the following:

In SAP on premise it is displayed that the requirements are met:

In HCI, the 'SuccessFactors Employee Central to ERP Organizational Data' package is configured for the integration of the organizational objects including the organizational Assignment:

Organizational data such as Business Unit, Business Division, Department, Function and Position are already replicated from Employee Central to SAP on premise. In the same way the employee master data is already replicated.

The T77S0 table has been configured with the corresponding register enabling the PA-PD Integration:

As an example, the following image of the 'PPOSE' transaction shows a position already replicated in SAP on premise from Employee Central:

In the same way, the following image corresponds to transaction 'PA20' to visualize the employee to whom the previous position has been assigned, and which has already been replicated from Employee Central:

It can be seen in the previous image that it does not have the information that the position inherits from the employee.

If we look at the Employee Central replica monitor, it confirms that the employee and its organizational assignment were replicated successfully:

However, the correct result is not perceived in SAP on premise, since Infotype 0001 does not show the information and the link A008 that should be present in the position within infotype 1001 is not displayed as shown in the following image of the transaction ' SE16N ':

Could you help me solve it?

Thank you.

ldwj4.png (17.0 kB)
txw3w.png (21.3 kB)
tkjkz.png (22.6 kB)
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