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source path doesn't match path where Webi is actually looking

Nov 09, 2017 at 04:49 PM


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Hi Everyone, I've run into a problem that may be a bug in 4.1, or it could be an error in the way that we're running our BO reports.

Currently, we are using SharePoint 2010 to house several excel documents that we reference in the BO webi. This has worked pretty well, but we've just come across an error that we can't figure out at all.

The source path on a data connection shows the SharePoint. It shows the SharePoint in the query properties source path. But when I try to define the query by clicking edit settings just beneath that, it says file not found "T:\ClientAdmin"... which is clearly mapped on another partner's computer, but not mine. Why is BO looking at a T:\ drive as opposed to the SharePoint that it says it's looking at on the source path?

When I remap it to the SharePoint, it works perfectly, so I don't think there's some sort of path mapped out in the document there. We've started to have this problem across several clients' reports.

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can you share the screenshot of webi edit query.what are the webi query settings for excel based provider.



Had to pixelate the client name. You can see source path doesn't match the path that it's looking.

webi-path.jpg (71.1 kB)

it seems when report was initial built from T:\ClientAdmin path.check what was the path when report was built.


I built this report originally in a different location. I don't have access to the location that this is pointing to. The person that ran this report does have access to this location. But that still doesn't solve the issue that the "source path" box doesn't seem to match the path that the report is actually "looking." Even if that person did change the query to that source, it would change the source path.


If you don’t have the access of location then how you can build the report?


I can't build the report, I got looped in when they were getting stale data. They were getting stale data form the folder that was mapped from their drive, not from the source path that the BO file was saying it was being directed.

We actually maybe just figured something out with this. So in our testing to try and figure out why this could have happened, we were able to do something truly bizarre. If you store the Webi file in SharePoint, multiple users are able to open it at once. Both me and my coworker were able to open our "test" file at the same time. I would guess that could lead to all kinds of corruptions. Do you think that this could help explain how this happened?

related question, is there some ability to change multiple source paths at once in Webi? something like select all? we are using this in standalone mode
Michael Wojtkiewicz

Hi Michael,

Please place your queries in separate question.



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