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SAP SRM - PO Item texts not copied to Confirmation Item texts

Hi Guys,

After upgrading SRM_SERVER to 702, out client has an error.

When creating a Confirmation referencing a PO with item text (that are copied from the SC with item texts) we found out that these texts aren't copied from PO to Conf.

I tried debugging the issue and reading lots of configuration posts but everything is there.

The process worked before upgrade so it must be something else.

I also tried activating some breakpoints in:


And I can see that the system can access the longtexts from each item (for the referenced SC and PO) but simply does not copy the data.

Any idea ?


PS: While debugging, I found out somethin':


LOOP AT et_item INTO ls_item.
*         Case for SERVICEs ONLY --> guids should match as the backend stores SRM item guid in extrefkey
          READ TABLE lt_po_item INTO ls_po_item
                     WITH KEY guid = ls_item-guid.
          IF sy-subrc IS NOT INITIAL.  "either MAT or LIMIT
*           For Material Items only
            IF ls_item-be_refobj_sbitm IS INITIAL.
              READ TABLE lt_po_item INTO ls_po_item
                     WITH KEY be_obj_item = ls_item-be_refobj_item+5.

It's impossible for that last "READ" to have a sy-subrc different that "4" ... since

ls_po_item-be_obj_item = '0000000001'

so never will

'00001' be equal to '0000000001'

in order to make the read function. Ergo ... the text isn't copied from PO to Confirmation.

BUT if:

ls_item-be_refobj_sbitm would be NOT initial

then the texts would copy themselves to the confirmation document.

Can someone explain to me the role of this field ? Or how does it changes values ?

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  • Former Member

    Hi Maricus,

    I am facing a similar issue. When confirmation is created from a PO some of the items are missing account assignment details. I debugged Method 'GET_REF_BE_PO_DETAILS' of class /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_CONF_RFDOC_HLPR and found that the items in error have different format in column BE_OBJ_ITEM (in local PO table) 10 digits Vs 5. I am wondering if you were able to find a workaround for this issue? If so, can you please let me know what did you have to do?
    Appreciate you help.

    Thanks much.


  • Hi Supriya,

    Waiting for the result of a SAP Message. Not solved yet.



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2 Answers

  • Nov 14, 2017 at 04:03 PM

    Hi Marius,

    What is your current support package level fo SRM 7.02? As I could understand, you are using extended classic scenario, right?
    Not sure if you have already taken a look at note 2453539. It mentions a specific SPRO customizing for extended classic scenario, since the text transfer from shopping cart to confirmation does not work in classic one.

    Also, are you using materials ou services?



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    • Hi Ricardo,

      I don't know if these are ok so we can start with them. In table BBPC_TXT_MAP_EXT (the table behind the config from SNote), the values are:

      o2q4h.png(11.2 kB)

      Should there be any entried for "CONF" ?

      ctjev.png(20.0 kB)

      Can you point me to an example on how to configure these (if they are not ok)?

      I debugged the FM / BADI and I found out that the message control looks like this:

      but while debugging the old PO's that worked before upgrade I found out something else.

      In table BBP_PDBEI I selected 2 PO's. One that worked and one that was created after the upgrade:

      As you can see, the PO "3500030619" has it's positions doubled and the column "BE_OBJ_ITEM" has different items. If i rework in debugger the item no for the second PO, the texts are copied with the current SPRO configuration. Thought it might help :D



      o2q4h.png (11.2 kB)
      ctjev.png (20.0 kB)
  • Nov 15, 2017 at 08:30 PM

    Hi Marius,
    Actually settings from table BBPC_TXT_MAP_EXT are only relevant for classic scenario when using enterprise services (ESOA - XML transfer).
    In your case, settings from customizing "Text Mapping for Internal Texts" would take effect instead.
    However, I would suggest that you debug method GET_REF_BE_PO_DETAILS of class /SAPSRM/CL_PDO_CONF_RFDOC_HLPR.
    This method is called when creating a confirmation with reference to SRM PO.

    In the following code, PO details are taken and system tries to map it to standard local confirmation structures:

    * read corresponding local PO
    MOVE lv_po_number TO lv_po_id.
    CALL METHOD me->get_po_detail_and_map
    iv_object_id = lv_po_id
    iv_with_itemdata = /sapsrm/if_pdo_constants_gen_c=>gc_yes
    es_header = ls_po_header
    et_item = lt_po_item
    et_account = lt_po_account
    et_longtext = lt_po_longtext.

    Here, the PO longtexts are taken.

    Then, in the following code they should be mapped to the confirmation:
    * For Material Items only
    IF ls_item-be_refobj_sbitm IS INITIAL.
    READ TABLE lt_po_item INTO ls_po_item
    WITH KEY be_obj_item = ls_item-be_refobj_item+5.

    I suspect that there is an issue with format of be_obj_item and ls_item-be_reobj_item+5.
    As indicated in your file, for local PO we have 0000000001, but for ECC PO we have 00001.


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