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Nov 09, 2017 at 08:53 AM

SAP SRM - PO Item texts not copied to Confirmation Item texts

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Hi Guys,

After upgrading SRM_SERVER to 702, out client has an error.

When creating a Confirmation referencing a PO with item text (that are copied from the SC with item texts) we found out that these texts aren't copied from PO to Conf.

I tried debugging the issue and reading lots of configuration posts but everything is there.

The process worked before upgrade so it must be something else.

I also tried activating some breakpoints in:


And I can see that the system can access the longtexts from each item (for the referenced SC and PO) but simply does not copy the data.

Any idea ?


PS: While debugging, I found out somethin':


LOOP AT et_item INTO ls_item.
*         Case for SERVICEs ONLY --> guids should match as the backend stores SRM item guid in extrefkey
          READ TABLE lt_po_item INTO ls_po_item
                     WITH KEY guid = ls_item-guid.
          IF sy-subrc IS NOT INITIAL.  "either MAT or LIMIT
*           For Material Items only
            IF ls_item-be_refobj_sbitm IS INITIAL.
              READ TABLE lt_po_item INTO ls_po_item
                     WITH KEY be_obj_item = ls_item-be_refobj_item+5.

It's impossible for that last "READ" to have a sy-subrc different that "4" ... since

ls_po_item-be_obj_item = '0000000001'

so never will

'00001' be equal to '0000000001'

in order to make the read function. Ergo ... the text isn't copied from PO to Confirmation.

BUT if:

ls_item-be_refobj_sbitm would be NOT initial

then the texts would copy themselves to the confirmation document.

Can someone explain to me the role of this field ? Or how does it changes values ?