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Jan 22, 2008 at 08:39 AM

DMS connector for KM and access permissions ...


Hello all,

I have question related DMS connector for KM. I deployed new DMSRMRepositoryManager to portal and I made documents from DMS available in KM. That works fine. Then I've indexed the documents by TREX. My problem is that everybody can see all DMS documents in search results. Regardless of their access permissions. The most of users don't have account in R/3 and don't use user mapping, though they are able to see the documents. When the user browse the DMS repository (/dmsrm) they don't see anything. That's correct. But they can see everything in search results. I noticed there are used URLs reffering direct to content server (source repository of the documents) in search results and the content server doesn't require authentication so everyone can open all documents.

I don't use any security manager for the DMS repository manager.

Do you have any experience or idea how to handle access to several documents? Is it possible not to use URLs to content server but URLs to KM?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards