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Oct 17, 2016 at 10:08 PM

How can I filter out data based on secondary x value?

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I have a graph that has 3 dimensions on my X axis:

  • Team
  • Days Working
  • New Old

My data shows each team, then a group of 'days working', then wether the value is 'new' or 'old'.

I have data for all teams, and days working that are 'old'.

I only care to see data compared (new vs old) when there is New data available.

How can I hide/filter results so I only see data when 'New' data is present.

This is an example of my data in a graph.

In my graph on the left you can see that it is showing ALL data, including 'Days working' where there is no 'New' data.

In the right hand graph, only data that has a 'New' value is shown.

(I used the filter on my report to force it to only show the first 3 'days working' values, but that won't work for everything, as some teams might have 'new' data only in first 0-30 days, where others might have 'New' data for every entry).

Is there a way by which I can achieve this outcome using Filters, calculations, a different report type etc?

It seems like I may need to make some sort of association or link between values?

Also, I am still learning Lumira, so if there are specific words or phrases for what I'm trying to do/explain, let me know. I can revise my question/title so it is easier to be found for others in the future.

SAP Lumira
Version: 1.30.0
Build: 109

Data Source: Excel Spreadsheet


new-vals.png (28.2 kB)