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Jan 22, 2008 at 05:49 AM

POS Inbound Billing



Would appreciate if I could get an answer to some of the questions which have been bugging me for long -

While simulating an Inbound WPUUMS idoc through WPUK transaction, I am getting an error "Tax Code <blank> in procedure TAXUS is invalid".

Note: (1) I have assigned an output tax code ZD (copy of SD tax code) to TAXUS procedure

(2) Procedure TAXUS has been assigned to US country

My questions:

(1) Do I have to input some kind of tax code in WPUK (i can see a field Tx where i actually inout ZD, but still the error persists?

(2) My requirement is that I am not back calculating tax in billing procedure. I am directly filling in a condition type ZUST of this procedure with a fixed amount of tax value (coming from POS) and have assigned this condition type to key MWS(tax account). Hence do I have to also give this value of ZUST in WPUK (by clicking the Taxes button) button? (ZUST has been defined as Cond class = Tax, Cal type = fixed, cond category - Tax)

Any inputs would be appreciated