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BPC 10.1 (BW 7.5 SP05) : Restore journals package does not read everything

Hi BPC experts,

As the title implies, I used DM package "Restore Journals" but it does not load everything from the uploaded flat file. I have solved my previous issue in this post by implementing sap notes :

Below is the flat file (in JRN format and opened from a TXT format) :

SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000001,Import nr 1,TRUONG,,,,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,AE02,INPUT,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,E500070,F15,I_NONE,00000001,22223.0000000,,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000001,Import nr 1,TRUONG,,,,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,AE02,INPUT,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,E500091,F01,I_NONE,00000002,,22223.0000000,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000002,%COPYTO #1%Import nr 1,,,,0 ,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,AE02,FS_ADJ,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,P726010,F20,I_NONE,00000001,2221.0000000,,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000002,%COPYTO #1%Import nr 1,,,,0 ,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,AE02,FS_ADJ,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,P729000,F30,I_NONE,00000002,,2221.0000000,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000003,Import test,TRUONG,,,,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,LU02,FS_ADJ,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,P804000,F20,I_NONE,00000001,2222.0000000,,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000003,Import test,TRUONG,,,,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,LU02,FS_ADJ,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,P801000,F30,I_NONE,00000002,,2222.0000000,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000003,Import test,TRUONG,,,0 ,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,LU02,FS_ADJ,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,L001050,F20,I_NONE,00000001,2222.0000000,,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000003,Import test,TRUONG,,,0 ,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,LU02,FS_ADJ,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,L001060,F30,I_NONE,00000002,,2222.0000000,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000004,Import test,TRUONG,,,,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,AE02,INPUT,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,A101000,F80,I_NONE,00000001,33.9000000,,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000004,Import test,TRUONG,,,,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,AE02,INPUT,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,A000100,F30,I_NONE,00000002,,33.9000000,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000005,XXX,TRUONG,,,0 ,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,AE02,FS_ADJ,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,E900100,F20,I_NONE,00000001,5.0000000,,
SAP_IFRS,Consolidation,000001,0000000005,XXX,TRUONG,,,0 ,S,-1,,-1,-1,,,,,,AE02,FS_ADJ,LC,S_NONE,2016.12,ACTUAL,P900000,F30,I_NONE,00000002,,5.0000000,

There are several issues :

1) It is supposed to generate 5 journals ID (see JRN_ID). However, it only creates one (and therefore merges all the journals in one).

2) It only reads several lines, not all of them. To be more accurate, it records account P801000, L001060, E900100 and P900000 from the flat file. I do not see any kind of logic about why the system would specifically choose those lines.

3) P801000 and L001060 are entries for LU02 entity while the 2 others for AE02 entity. ENTITY Dimension is set as Header dimension in one unique journal template but BPC does not make the difference and still puts them both in one journal (even if JRN_ID separates them).

4) I also tried to create 2 journals from the web client > export journal package > clear journal table package > upload exported journals > Restore journals. The system only creates one journal ID and only reads several lines.

I cannot upgrade the system unfortunately but if someone has met this kind of issue, please share your solution.

Thank you in advance.


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2 Answers

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    Nov 08, 2017 at 06:39 PM
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  • Nov 09, 2017 at 05:58 PM

    Just one extra question - what do you want to achieve "loading" journals from text file?

    Why do you need journals at all?

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    • P.S. Another option without custom process chains:

      You can create a custom logic badi and launch it using script logic with standard process chain.

      This badi will have a parameter: file path to import.

      Inside badi code you will read file like in CL_UJD_BPC_JOURNAL RESTORE_JOURNAL

      And perform import.