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Jan 21, 2008 at 09:53 PM

Making changes to some text items


I'm trying to make some minor cosmetic changes to WebTools 2007. For the most part, I just want to change some words around so they'll make more sense for a specific demographic.

One of the areas I'm having trouble with, is after order creation. The order confirmation window opens and reads:


YourOrderNumberIs 3

Go Again

I cannot find where this text is generated from. When I look at the confirm.aspx code, I have this:

<asp:literal id="ltlYourOrderHasBeenCompleted" runat="server" text="Your order has been completed."></asp:literal>

<asp:literal id="ltlYourOrderNumberIs" runat="server" text="Your Order Number is #"></asp:literal>

<asp:hyperlink id="lnkGoAgain" runat="server" text="View Printable Order" target="_blank"></asp:hyperlink>

Problem here is two-fold:

1.) Changing the "text=" directive in the above ASP code does nothing... and doesn't even appear to work properly the way it was designed/coded.

2.) I cannot locate the source for "ltlYourOrderHasBeenCompleted", "lnkGoAgain", or any other ASP links.