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sap library

Hi all,

can someone tell me how to integrate sap library with sap ver 4.7 IDES.i have installed SAP ver 4.7 IDES and i have installed SAP library for ver 4.7 seperatly and when i install it it does not integrate and i can not open it from sap help documentation or sap library from any of the screen when i am using SAP.

I tried TCODE sr13 and but don't know what to mention in the spaces mentioned there.

i have installed sap on windows server 2003 and i dont have internet to access online sap library.

please tell me which tab to select first from sr13 screen and then what do i type in the field for VARIENT,AREA,SERVER NAME,PATH, and should i check the DEFAULT filed.

you can also mail me the steps if u have any at

answer to this would be a great help...

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2 Answers

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    Jan 22, 2008 at 12:50 PM

    Hi John,

    You should copy the SAP Help (SAP Help Dump) to a server share or shared drive.

    And then enter relevant entries in the SR13.

    I extracted this from -SPRO - > SAP Reference IMG -> General Settings -> Setting Variants for Help (SAP Library)

    Setting Variants for Help (SAP Library)

    This activity defines the setting variants that the user can choose for the help display.

    A setting variant is defined by

    the help type used (HtmlHelpFile, PlainHtmlFile, PlainHtmlHttp, DynamicHelp)

    the place where the help files are stored: server and/or path

    the language version of the help files.

    The setting variants are always valid for a specific frontend platform and a specific area. You must define a variant as system setting (default value) for each combination of platform and area.

    The area defines the application area of the SAP Knowledge Warehouse where the contents to be displayed originate. The area IWBHELP (Documentation) contains the online documentation delivered to all customers (SAP Library). All customers can define setting variants for this area. Customers using the SAP Knowledge Warehouse can also define setting variants for the IWBTRAIN (Training) area if they want to display contents of this area in the online help.


    You want to provide users at Windows 98 frontend PCs with the SAP Library in HTML Help format in different languages and store the help files on a file server.

    On tabstrip HtmlHelpFile define several setting variants for platform WN32 and area IWBHELP. Mark one of them as the default system value.

    You want to provide users at Motif frontends with the online help created in a Knowledge Warehouse system in the Training area in English.

    On the DynamicHelp tabstrip define a setting variant for platform MF and area IWBTRAIN and mark it as the default setting. Enter the Web Server of the Knowledge Warehouse as server.


    The DynamicHelp help type can only be used in connection with the SAP Knowledge Warehouse.


    1. Perform the activity.

    2. Choose the tabstrip of the help type for which you want to specify a setting variant. (You can find a description of the different help types in the guidelines "Installation of the SAP Library".)

    3. When you upgrade the system, the profile parameters for the online help (/eu/iwb/*) are read with an XPRA. The profile parameters were used up to and including Release 4.6B to define help variants. The entries that are found are automatically entered as setting variants in table SHLPADM1, which is maintained with this IMG activity. These setting variants cannot be changed.

    4. Create a new setting variant with a meaningful name, if necessary copy the definitions to the storage location of the help files from the setting variants that were created automatically, and then delete them.

    Hope that helps.



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    Jan 22, 2008 at 12:58 PM


    If you face issues while installing/configuring the help. You should check this collective note:

    Note 101481 - Collective note: Application help and R/3 library



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