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Former Member
Jan 21, 2008 at 05:49 PM

sap library integration with sap system


Hi all,

can someone tell me how to integrate sap library with sap ver 4.7 IDES.i have installed SAP ver 4.7 IDES and i have installed SAP library for ver 4.7 seperatly and when i install it it does not integrate and i can not open it from sap help documentation or sap library from any of the screen when i am using SAP.

I tried TCODE sr13 and but don't know what to mention in the spaces mentioned there.

i have installed sap on windows server 2003 and i dont have internet to access online sap library.

please tell me which tab to select first from sr13 screen and then what do i type in the field for VARIENT,AREA,SERVER NAME,PATH, and should i check the DEFAULT filed.

you can also mail me the steps if u have any at

answer to this would be a great help...