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Jan 21, 2008 at 05:46 PM

Invoice List Job for F2 Only. Exclude other Billing types, e.g. L2,


Hi: We have just set up a job for invoice list. Everything seems to ran alright until customer service created a debit memo (L2) for that customer and the debit memo got consolidated with the rest of the F2. I understand that L2 will be consolidated because the invoice list type set in the billing document setting is LR.

I later found that we do have a long list of billing docs that is set to LR as the invoice list type. (Please see below)

The requirement that I've got from the user is that they only want F2 invoice consolidated in the invoice list. What would be the best advise to do this?

Can anyone please advise?


F1 Invoice

F2 Invoice

FAS Canc.down pymnt req.

FAZ Down payment request

L2 Debit Memo

FP Billing POS-Interfce

FR Invoice Repair

FV Invoice Contract

FX Billing Ext Transact

G2S Cred. memo 3rd party

HR Billing Training Adm

IGS Cancel ICM

IV Intercompany Billing

IVA IB order-related

S1 Cancellation of Inv

S3 Cancellation of Inv

SHR Cancel Training Adm

WIA Plants Abroad

ZF2 Drop Ship US Cust

ZIV Interco. Invoice

ZL2 I/C Debit Memo

ZML2 Misc Debit Memo

ZSF2 Samples Invoice